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Take it from our students—our rigorous Faculty-taught courses are second to none at bringing the "Life of the Mind" to the great cities of the world.

All the three civilization courses were well taught by outstanding professors. They knew how to mix practice with theory by demonstrating to students on site visits what was in the reading."

Zuka Chuka-Obah
Athens Civ, 2011

Greece has such a fascinating past and present, and I feel like this program makes the most of its unique ability to teach how the past is shaped by the present."

Rebecca Schmidt
Athens Civ, 2012

Professor Hall's class perfectly represented everything I had come to love about the Athens program: thought-provoking classmates, engaging instructors, impressive ruins that I now knew how to interpret, and an unbelievable view. I don’t think I have ever appreciated being a UChicago student as much as I did at that moment, 5,000 miles away from campus."

Rebecca Schmidt
Athens Civ, 2012

Studying abroad gave me an opportunity to learn in a much more hands-on, interactive way. It offered space to explore on my own while still providing a secure place where I could catch my breath and feel the familiarity of home. The mix of site visits and class time really made the history and culture come alive."

Alicia Bierstedt
Athens Civ, 2012

Beijing is the window to understand Chinese and China."

Seah Yee Shen
Beijing Civ, 2008

Beyond the stories and memories, my experience abroad complemented my academic experience at the university; I was able to see the world beyond Hyde Park, and acquire a global outlook and perspective to my education. I hope to be able to make China a part of my future, since it has played such an integral part of my education and life to date."

Benjamin Wolff
Beijing Civ, 2011

Rather than learning by hearing or writing, we were learning by doing, seeing, and experiencing. We saw a little taste of what Beijing was like centuries ago, as well as a taste of it in its current form by talking to our peers from Renmin University."

Benjamin Wolff
Beijing Civ, 2011

I learned so much during my time in Guatemala: about the nuances of the language, Guatemalan culture, the political structure, the history of the country, and more."

Maggie Borowitz
FLAG, 2011

I got a lot of strange looks when I told people in my program that I was a pre-med and chemistry major studying French. I hope to combine my interests in French and medicine to one day be of service to people in need. I have wanted to give back in this way since I was little. By helping to fund my studies, you got me one step closer to my dream."

Udaysankar Chockanathan
FLAG, 2011

My communication skills have improved immensely, and I had the most unforgettable experience being in China for the first time. This is a dream I've had since I was very young, and I am so grateful for the Foreign Language Acquisition Grant that made it a reality."

Christie Auyeung
FLAG, 2011

I thought that it was a fantastic learning experience. To truly understand the history and culture of a place, it is essential that you experience it firsthand, especially in an area with such a complicated history.”

Anna Zelenz
Jerusalem Civ, 2011

Studying abroad has taught me that there is far more to living the “Life of the Mind” than the four-walled classrooms of Hyde Park. If anything, studying abroad only solidified the importance of the great thinkers that I read in my SOSC class."

Nicholas Zebrowski
Jerusalem Civ, 2012

Jerusalem is a fascinating environment in which to live regardless of your particular focus at Chicago. I was able to access so many more intriguing aspects of the city through the professors and program than I ever could have visiting on my own, in a way that I think would not hold quite as true elsewhere."

Christopher Davey
Jerusalem Civ, 2012

Learning about three eras of Latin American civilization, each from distinctly different approaches and thematic perspectives, gave really interesting insight into the culture of where we were living."

Claire Rabkin
Oaxaca Civ, 2009

The civilization lesson plan really puts into temporal perspective everything we've learned through the Core, and the Paris landscape puts it into real life, visual perspective."

Bianca Ballara
Paris European Civ, 2009

Not only did I learn a lot about evolutionary biology and how to think like a scientist, but I took away the outstanding examples set by the professors."

Tim Murphy
Paris Primates, 2009

I found friends, culture, history, and a renewed sense of eagerness to learn and experience life outside of myself."

Malini Kartha
Paris Summer, 2011

This was an opportunity to learn about a culture where it flourished. Modern Rome is built in Ancient Rome’s footprint, and we're still able to see so much."

Gabriel Benghiat
Rome Civ, 2009

The texts for each of the courses in the Rome program were extremely interesting and relevant to the topics explored in class and on site. It was a wonderful experience, hands down the best I’ve had in college yet."

Erin Robbins
Rome Civ, 2010

I learned the city by walking it and studying its edifices for class. The on-site presentations allowed us to have a personal connection to the historical sites that became a part of our daily landscape."

Itir Gorguc
Rome Civ, 2011

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