Study Abroad Student Ambassadors 2017-18

Study Abroad Student Ambassadors 2017-18

Feel free to reach out to this year’s Study Abroad Student Ambassadors to hear about their experiences abroad!

Christian Castro, Class of 2018

Christian Castro

Majors: Psychology and Theater & Performance Studies
Study Abroad Programs: Toledo: Intermediate Spanish (Autumn 2016); Athens: Greek Antiquity and Its Legacy (Spring 2017)
Talk to Me About: Improving language skills while abroad, being Queer and/or a POC outside the US, and studying abroad in a frugal—but still enriching—manner
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Emily Garcia, Class of 2018

Emily Garcia

Major: Neuroscience (premed)
Study Abroad Program: Jerusalem: Jerusalem in Middle Eastern Civilizations (Spring 2017)
Talk to Me About: Studying abroad as a premed, financial aid, and dealing with nervous parents
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Stacey Reimann, Class of 2018

Stacey Reimann

Majors: Law, Letters, and Society & Philosophy
Study Abroad Program: Barcelona: Civilization in the Western Mediterranean (Winter 2017)
Talk to Me About: Studying abroad as an athlete and double major, traveling and living abroad on a budget
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Tahira Sherwani, Class of 2018

Tahira Sherwani

Major: English
Study Abroad Programs: Paris: Classics of Social and Political Thought (Autumn 2015); London: British Literature, History, and Culture (Autumn 2016)
Talk to Me About: Thematic programs, studying abroad as a second year, studying abroad in Europe when visibly Muslim
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