Nassef Sawiris Research Grant (Sawiris)

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Elana Kranz

Due to ongoing political and social unrest in the region this grant will not be offered for Summer 2015

The Nassef Sawiris Research Grant is a $4,000 award intended to underwrite the costs of conducting undergraduate summer research in Egypt.

Prospective Applicants

Program and Research Evaluations by previous award winners

To read about research projects that have been funded in the past you can search the database by grant title. Access the evaluations database by logging in at

SITG Information Meetings

To find out more about Summer International Travel Grants, attend one of the following Information Meetings:

Special Note: The University of Chicago’s assumption is against travel to countries bearing a State Department Travel Warning. Undergraduate students may petition for an exemption to this policy. Prior to submitting your general petition form, you must meet with Sarah Walter, Associate Dean for International Education. Since the conversation with Dean Walter may affect your plans, please schedule your appointment well in advance by contacting Naomi Patschke at View a list of travel warning countries.


Eligible students are those registered at the University of Chicago for the spring quarter before the summer they go abroad and will be registered the following fall quarter. Students taking a leave of absence before or after the grant period should contact to discuss whether their case merits an exception to the spring- or fall-quarter registration requirement.

Research grants are primarily for third-year students in the College, but exceptional second-year students and fourth-year students who plan to spend part or all of a fifth year in the College are also eligible to apply. 


There is one application for all grants under the Summer International Travel Grant (SITG) Program umbrella. This application consists of two components: an online application and printed materials which you submit in hard copy. 

Online Application:

  • To apply for a Summer International Travel Grant please log in at and complete the online application. Once you log in you may download a sample version of the online application before applying for a grant. 
  • In the online application you have the option to apply for multiple grants, ranking them in order of preference. If you are applying for both a FLAG and a research grant, you will need to submit two different statements of purpose. If you are simply applying for multiple research grants (for the same project) then one statement of purpose will suffice. 
  • Note that you can only be awarded one SITG grant in a given year.
  • One recommendation is required as a part of the online application. For a FLAG application this recommendation would ideally come from your language instructor or a faculty member with regional expertise. For research grants, the recommendation should be from a faculty member familiar with your research plans and with expertise in the proposed region or topic of research.
  • Once you have successfully completed the online application you will need to print the application cover sheet and submit it along with your printed materials.

Printed Materials:

You should submit 2 copies of the following in 2 paper-clipped (not stapled!) packets:

  • Cover Sheet (downloaded from the application site)
  • Résumé
  • Travel Waiver, Release and Indemnification Agreement (downloaded from the application site)

Note for students applying for more than one grant: You must submit 2 copies of each grant that you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a FLAG and an African Studies Research Grant you should submit two application packets for your FLAG application and 2 application packets for your African Studies Research Grant application. 

Note for those applying to a country bearing a State Department Travel Warning: In addition to meeting with Dean Walter and submitting a general petition for permission to travel to a travel warning country, you are required to submit an additional paragraph in your statement of purpose detailing why study abroad in this country is important to your research or language study.


All applications must be submitted online and supporting hard-copy documents submitted to the Study Abroad Office, Harper Memorial 203, by 4:00 pm on Friday, February 13, 2015.

All students will receive notification of the status of their application(s) via email by the beginning of spring quarter.

Those offered awards will be asked to either accept or decline their awards by Friday, April 10, 2015.

Returning Student Requirements

The following items are required of all Summer 2015 grant recipients in order to fulfill the terms of the grant. These items must be submitted upon completion of your summer language program or summer research.

Complete the online Program and/or Research Evaluation

Evaluations are due by Wednesday, October 14, 2015.

Access the evaluations database and submit your evaluation at

Submit a hard copy of your airline receipt and a transcript or official letter of program completion

  • All grant recipients are required to submit a hard copy of your airline receipt.
  • FLAG recipients are required to submit a transcript or official letter showing proof of successful completion of your language program.
  • All of these materials should be submitted to Naomi Patschke in Harper Memorial 216 by 4:00 pm on Friday, October 16, 2015.

Further Information

To discuss the Summer International Travel Grant Program and the application process, please contact

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Photo of Sahara sunset