Our Mission

Photo of Sunset Point, Mt. Abu

UChicago Study Abroad encourages students to expand their education through diverse intellectual perspectives, active participation in a new culture, and critical, first-hand engagement with local and global challenges. Chicago’s distinctive range of faculty-led programming blends the academic rigor and spirit of intellectual curiosity that is central to the College curriculum with the University’s wide-reaching international mission.

Through quarter-long, academic year and summer programs, Chicago students gain cultural fluency and hone language skills, while studying civilization at its center or focusing on a particular theme. Offerings include courses that fulfill general education and major requirements in a range of disciplines (within the social sciences, humanities and natural and physical sciences). Faculty-designed excursions promote dynamic engagement beyond the classroom as the city and surroundings become the unofficial “fifth course” of each sequence. Participants remain registered in the College, receive academic credit and retain financial aid eligibility, making Study Abroad a fully integrated component of UChicago undergraduate education.

From the University’s Centers in Paris, Beijing, Delhi and Hong Kong to program sites worldwide, Chicago students live the life of the mind, one great city at a time.