Edinburgh Chemistry Exchange

Hannah Kenagy, ’16, shares her experience of the new program.

Hannah Kenagy, ’16, the first Chicago student to participate in a new exchange program with the Chemistry Department at the University of Edinburgh, has spent the summer so far working in a lab and getting to know Scotland’s capital city. She wrote to tell us about her experience so far:

"I’m really enjoying my lab work—I’m working with a post-doc to take and analyze air pollution measurements around the city of Edinburgh. So it’s a great combination of field work, wet lab work, data analysis, and computer programming, which I’m really enjoying.

"And I’ve done quite a bit of exploring on the weekends. Edinburgh has lots of cool sites including historical places, nice nature walks, good restaurants, fun shops, etc. which have been fun to explore. This weekend I’m going to take a trip down to London and I’m working on planning a weekend trip to the Scottish Highlands during August."

Hannah will continue her studies at Edinburgh through the autumn quarter, pursuing coursework for her Chemistry major before returning to campus.

Posted July 25, 2014