Excursion to the Changping District

Students in the Beijing Social Sciences program were recently welcomed to tour a Migrant Worker Training School in China. Graduate Assistant, Ben Ross, shares his reflections with us.

On Friday, May 10th we visited the training school for rural women.  So far, I think this has been the best in-town excursion we have done. The group from the woman's school put on a very nice tour for us, but most importantly, this was an excellent forum for our students to communicate and exchange with the students at the training school.

They were all women from rural areas and with the help of various interpreters, we had a big forum where the two groups could talk about their everyday lives, and ask questions about the others.  Our students asked questions about daily life and responsibilities at the training school, and plans for the future, while the students asked us various questions about college life in the US, and the University of Chicago as well.  This was truly the essence of what a study abroad program should be all about. 

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Photos and text by Ben Ross

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