Making Memories in Marathon

Students participating in the Athens program reenacted a Hoplite battle during their recent excursion to Mount Pentelikos.

These photos were taken at Marathon, on the foothills of Mount Pentelikos, behind the site museum. This is the site of a famous battle of the Persian War; legend has it that a soldier ran all the way from Marathon to Athens in his full armor to report the Athenian victory. Professor Hall decided to have us reenact a standard Hoplite battle (Hoplites were Ancient Greek Infantrymen). Hoplites held their spears in their right hands and a shield large enough for two men in their left, so that every man needed to rely on his neighbor for his own safety. Ideally, men even as far as eight rows back might step forward to fill a space left by a fallen comrade, but Professor Hall wanted to demonstrate that that sort of order was impossible, and that the men in the back rows wouldn’t be able to move forward at all. As you can tell from these pictures, the entire melee was certainly chaotic—and this was all without any weaponry.

Photos and text submitted by Sarah Goldberg, '13. Photos taken by John Paulas.