On Paris Astronomy

Susan Clarke, ’15, shares her Paris Astro experience.

"The Paris Astro program was such a unique study abroad experience that has carried over into campus experiences. Since there were only about 8 of us, we got pretty close with our professors. None of us were science majors, so this gave us a really cool opportunity to meet professors we never would have otherwise. Professor Richard Kron was our first professor, and he made our first few weeks in Paris so welcoming and interesting. At the end of his course, he suggested that we all go to Yerkes Observatory some time when we’re back in the fall. The weekend before Thanksgiving, 5 of us drove to Wisconsin and met Professor Kron and his wife, Deborah, at Yerkes. He gave us a tour of the entire observatory, we had a snack at their home and watched some short films he has made (they’re fantastic!), and we stayed in the observatory overnight. Yerkes is absolutely stunning, and going there was something I never would have done if I hadn’t done the Paris Astro program. Professor Kron mentioned the idea of us all getting coffee on campus some time, so hopefully we’ll be doing that soon, too!"

(Photo: Spring 2014 students with Professor Kron and Deborah on the last day of his class)

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