Students Journey to Miaofengshan

University of Chicago students in the Autumn 2011 Beijing Civilizations Program recently traveled to the famous Miaofengshan mountain.

University of Chicago students were joined by local Chinese students on an excursion on September 30 led by Professor James Hevia. The group journeyed to the famous mountain Miaofengshan, about 35 miles west of Beijing.

The mountain is known for the thirteenth century Daoist Miao Feng Shan Goddess Temple at its peak, considered a healing and pilgrimage site. The day-long excursion included a group hike to the top of the “Golden Summit,”  a visit to the temple and lunch together.

Here, the U Chicago and Chinese students celebrate their win in a traditional game next to the temple in which a copper coin is used to hit a bell. The trip to Miaofengshan is just one of many experiences these students will have during their stay in China.

Photo provided by Liping Wang.

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