Study Abroad Student Ambassadors 2020-21

Study Abroad Student Ambassadors 2020-21

Are you a UChicago College student interested in hearing program alumni perspectives on study abroad? Get in touch with this year’s Study Abroad Student Ambassadors. Read their profiles and suggestions for what to talk to them about.

Katherine Beavis, ’21

Majors: Classics and Art History
Minor: Health and Society
Study Abroad Programs: Beijing Exploration Program (Summer 2017); Rome, Antiquity to the Baroque Civ (Autumn 2018); Paris: Astronomy (Spring 2019); Tell Keisan Archaeological Excavation (July 2019); Florence: Living with History (September 2019); London: British Literature and Culture (Autumn 2019)
Talk to Me About: studying abroad multiple times, learning languages, staying involved with on-campus activities, independent travel, independent research, dating and relationships abroad

Katherine Beavis, Class of 2021

Emily Harper, ’21

Majors: History, Romance Languages and Literatures
Study Abroad Program: Universitat Pompeu Fabra Direct Enrollment Program in Barcelona, Spain (Autumn 2019)
Talk to Me About: direct enrollment programs, language/cultural immersion, budgeting, making friends abroad

Emily Harper, Class of 2021

Brinda Rao, ’22

Majors: English Literature, Business Economics, Classics
Study Abroad Programs: Paris: European Civilization (Summer 2019); London: British Literature and Culture (Autumn 2019)
Talk to Me About: studying abroad over the summer, how to budget traveling over weekends, studying abroad multiple times, juggling campus commitments

Brinda Rao, Class of 2022

Janko Stojadinovic, ’21

Major: Economics with Specialization in Business Econ
Minor: Spanish
Study Abroad Program: Paris: European Civilization (Autumn 2018)
Talk to Me About: navigating language barriers, managing on-campus involvement while abroad, finances

Janko Stojadinovic, Class of 2021

Ambassadors Q&A

Katherine Beavis, ’21, interviewed her fellow Study Abroad Student Ambassadors Emily Harper, ’21, Brinda Rao, ’22, and Janko Stojadinovic, ’21, about their (pre-pandemic) experiences abroad. Read their reflections on learning languages, independent travel, making friends abroad, and more.