Study Abroad Student Ambassadors 2018-19

Study Abroad Student Ambassadors 2018-19

Get in touch with this year’s Study Abroad Student Ambassadors to talk about their experiences abroad!

Marissa Combs, ’19

Major: Sociology
Minor: Environmental and Urban Studies
Study Abroad Program: Pune: South Asian Civilization in India (Autumn 2017)
Talk to Me About: Planning independent/small group travel, traveling on a budget/navigating financial aid, and traveling as a woman
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Marissa Combs, Class of 2019

Addison Jeske, ’19

Majors: Public Policy and Economics
Minor: History
Study Abroad Program: Rome: Antiquity to the Baroque (Autumn 2017)
Talk to Me About: Navigating campus commitments while studying abroad, practicing your faith abroad, factors that you should consider when deciding where to study abroad, budget traveling, maximizing your experience with a country/culture, and struggling with language abroad
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Addison Jeske, Class of 2019

Karnika Pombra, ’19

Major: Public Policy
Minor: English
Study Abroad Program: Barcelona: Civilization in the Western Mediterranean (Winter 2018)
Talk to Me About: Practicing a language while abroad, travel planning and budgeting tips, and leaving campus mid-year
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Karnika Pombra, Class of 2019

Julia Selch, ’19

Majors: History and East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Study Abroad Program: Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies Direct Enrollment (2017-18)
Talk to Me About: Improving your language skills through cultural immersion, living with a host family, expat life: being the “other” in a highly homogenous country
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Julia Selch, Class of 2019