Share Your Stories

UChicago Study Abroad runs three contests that encourage students to share their stories and show their skills.

Photo Contest

Photography fuses art and journalism. In the best cases it not only provides us with a record of what we have seen, it helps us to see more deeply and with greater feeling. The annual Study Abroad Photo Contest provides you with an opportunity to combine an adventure abroad with serious picture-taking, and it provides a forum for formal recognition of your artistry.

Photo of students looking at a photo on a camera

Video Contest: Study Abroad in 60 Seconds

We challenge you to best represent life and learning on a UChicago program abroad through the medium of video. Amaze us—but for no more than 60 seconds!

Photo of Hong Kong 2015 students making a video

Writing Contest: Why We Travel

We sponsor a travel writing contest in recognition of all the great student writing influenced by time abroad. We accept works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as well as any other works of writing inspired by your study abroad experience.

Photo of student with her sketchbook in Beijing