Study Abroad in 60 Seconds: A Video Contest

Academic Year 2023–24
A cluster of smiling students with a camera on a selfie stick are recording video as they explore their surroundings.
Recording for the Video Contest (Amir Hampel / Hong Kong: Colonizations, Spring 2015)

Contest Overview

We challenge you, our students, to best represent life and learning on a University of Chicago program abroad. Any aspect of your time abroad may be considered for subject matter (e.g., student life, local culture, the classroom, history, community) but we would appreciate a reflection of your relationship to the local culture and your learning experiences there. We hope this will inspire you to be wildly creative—no genre is out of bounds, no format too unique. Animation, film, video, stop motion, photo montage, noir, horror, romance, abstract art, documentary. Amaze us. But for no more than 60 seconds!


Any University of Chicago student of the College may participate. The video can use any audiovisual multimedia (e.g., video, flash, animation, cell phone, slide show) as long as the work is created for this contest and runs for one minute or less. Subject matter should be original, relevant to the category, and suitable for distribution. The best submissions will reflect your ability to express ideas and artfully convey a message about what being abroad means to you. Videos can be of any genre, format, and aesthetic, ranging from dramatic to art to documentary.

How to Submit

All entries must be in a digital format, uploaded to UChicago Box or another file sharing service. Please send an email to the Study Abroad Communications Manager ( with your name, your student number, a title, a description, and a link to your video file. The deadline for 2023–24 submissions has been extended to Monday, May 13, 2024.


Up to three prizes will be awarded for the videos that best capture the students’ relationship to the local culture and their learning experiences abroad.

  • First Prize: $500
  • Second Prize: $300
  • Third Prize: $200

Winning entries will be featured on the UChicago Study Abroad YouTube channel.

Important Advisory

All submissions become the property of the College of the University of Chicago, which will enjoy full, non-exclusive rights of use and circulation (with attribution to the creator). If you submit a video it is understood that you have granted this right.

Further Information

Please email any questions about the video contest to the Study Abroad Communications Manager at

2022–23 Prize-Winning Submissions