Bologna: University of Bologna

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Program Term:

Autumn Academic Year

Language Requirement:



 Elana Kranz

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The University of Chicago Bologna program provides students in the College with an opportunity to live for a semester or year in the medieval/modern city of Bologna while studying at the venerable University of Bologna, arguably Europe’s oldest university.

    The program is operated by the Bologna Consortial Studies Program (BCSP), comprised of eight universities: Chicago, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Northwestern, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It begins in late August/early September with an orientation session built around an intensive language review. Once the academic year begins, students can take a combination of University and program courses based on their needs and comfort level.

    Participants in the Bologna program share an apartment in Bologna with Italian students and/or fellow BCSP students. Most of the apartments are within walking distance of the center, though some require a short commute by bus. Housing with a local family is available on a limited basis.

    Participants in the Bologna program remain registered as full-time students in the College. Course titles, units of credit, and grades are placed on the College transcript. Since the use of these credits in a specific degree program is variable, students should consult with their academic adviser and program chair to determine the exact distribution of credits.

    Bologna program participants pay regular College tuition and a nonrefundable study abroad administrative fee. The tuition is paid in conformity with the home campus payment schedule, and the nonrefundable study abroad administrative fee is submitted when accepting a place in a program. Students pay living expenses, including housing, food, books, travel, and incidentals while in Bologna. Precise figures for the Bologna program for the 2024–2025 year are listed below:

    Academic year tuition: as set by the Bursar’s Office

    Study abroad administrative fee: $675

    Out-of-pocket expenses include:

    • round-trip airfare to and from the program site
    • passport/visa fees
    • transportation on site
    • accommodation
    • meals
    • course materials
    • personal entertainment and travel
    • communications (cell phone, etc.)
    • health insurance and upfront payments for care
    • other miscellaneous expenses

    Study abroad students retain their financial aid eligibility. For more information about financial aid resources, please see our Tuition, Fees, and Funding section.

    The Bologna program is open to University of Chicago undergraduate students only. Students at one of the other BCSP universities should apply through their home institution.

    The program is designed for undergraduates in good academic and disciplinary standing who are beyond their second year in the College. Because students attend regular University of Bologna lectures alongside Italian students, they are required to have at least two years of Italian language study or comparable competence as demonstrated by examination. Language study beyond the second-year (intermediate) level is highly desirable. Students are also expected to have a solid overall academic record, usually at least a B average.

    Given the immersive nature of this program students wishing to apply to the Bologna program are expected to meet with Elana Kranz as a requirement of the application process. Please email Elana Kranz to set up an appointment.

    To discuss the Bologna program and the possibility of participating, please contact Elana Kranz.