Budgeting for Study Abroad

Financial Aid

  • Participants remain fully registered in the College and retain their financial aid eligibility while studying abroad in a College-sponsored study abroad program during the regular academic year (autumn, winter, or spring).*
  • Program fees and other costs of attendance (room, board, books, and personal expenses) are taken into consideration in determining your financial aid package, and since students cannot be expected to work while abroad, their financial aid package does not include a term-time work requirement.
  • Students who receive need-based financial aid will receive a $1,200 stipend to assist with airfare for their participation in a College-sponsored study abroad program. Odyssey Scholars will receive an additional $675 stipend to cover the study abroad administrative fee. The stipends will be included as part of each student’s financial aid package and will be disbursed early in the quarter prior to the quarter the student will be studying abroad (i.e. in the autumn for students studying abroad in the winter, in the winter for students studying abroad in the spring, and in the summer for students studying abroad the following autumn quarter or academic year.)

*If interested, all students must apply for gift aid for the summer quarter through the Office of Financial Aid. Please note that summer aid is limited to federal funding and summer scholarships, if eligible.

Other funding sources

  • Eligible students can apply for national study abroad scholarships such as the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship and the Fund for Education Abroad. Reach out to Study Abroad and the College Center for Research and Fellowships for guidance on application writing and deadlines.
  • Other national scholarships are available for students that meet specific eligibility requirements based on identity (such as first-generation students) or program location.
  • Consider working with Financial Aid to take out a small loan to cover other expenses or raising money from family and friends through or another personal fundraising site.

Tips for budgeting for study abroad

  • Book your flight early and research fares on multiple travel sites! Student travel agencies such as Student Universe offer deals for student travel and sometimes feature cheaper fares than those available on sites for the general public.
  • Attend specialized workshops on budgeting for study abroad hosted by the Center for College Student Success, Study Abroad, and Financial Aid.
  • Apply early for a passport and/or visa (if necessary) to avoid paying expediting fees. Talk with your program coordinator about the application process for any required travel documents.
  • Talk with students who have participated in your program in recent years (ask the Study Abroad office for referrals!) to see how much they spent and how they budgeted for the experience.
  • Make an appointment with Dana Currier, Associate Director of Study Abroad, to learn more about how your financial aid package will be adjusted for your time abroad and for more guidance on budgeting and applying for national scholarships!
  • Visit program pages to learn about location-specific expenses.