Tuition, Fees & Funding

Program Costs

Participants in University of Chicago Study Abroad programs pay the same tuition as if they were on campus, plus a nonrefundable study abroad administrative fee and, in most cases, a program fee set by the College. Each program fee includes housing and subsidizes the cost of excursions and instruction; please visit the specific program pages for precise fees. Financial Aid and Scholarship and Grant opportunities are available.

All charges, except for the administrative fee, are billed by and paid to the University of Chicago Bursar. For one-quarter programs the charges are applied solely to that quarter’s bill. For academic-year programs the administrative fee is billed in the first quarter of the program only. Participants in Chicago-sponsored programs abroad are not charged Chicago’s Student Life fee during the quarter(s) of their participation.

Nonrefundable Study Abroad Administrative Fee

This is a one-time fee used to cover administrative costs for Study Abroad. It is assessed only once, regardless of the length of a student’s program. Once admitted, students are expected to sign an Admission Acceptance form and submit it along with the administrative fee.

Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal requests must be submitted in writing to the Office of Study Abroad. Participants who cancel or withdraw from a University of Chicago Study Abroad program for any reason will not be reimbursed for any expenses, including the nonrefundable administrative fee. Please see the Withdrawal Policy for further information, including the schedule for additional fees that will be assessed according to the timing of a withdrawal.