Foreign Language Acquisition Grant (FLAG)

Summer International Travel Grant (SITG)
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The FLAG Program offers awards of $5,000 to defray the costs of intermediate or advanced language study abroad.

We encourage prospective applicants to attend one of the SITG Information Meetings.

Please see our flyer for more helpful information as you prepare your 2023 SITG application, including tips for choosing a FLAG-eligible language program.

    Study programs must be at least eight weeks in duration of intensive language study (at least 15 hours/week) and located in a setting where the target language is predominantly spoken. Applicants must have completed or tested out of the 103 level of the target language by the program start date. If a language is not offered on campus, applicants may apply at any level. For French and Spanish language applications, preference will be given to students who have completed some intermediate language study.

    While you are welcome to apply to any language program you would like (provided it meets the minimum FLAG requirements), the following is an intensive language program run by the University of Chicago:

    A note about Japanese language study:
    The Center for East Asian Studies offers special Foreign Language Acquisition Grants of $5,000 to defray the costs of advanced Japanese language study in Japan during the summer.

    To find out more about Summer International Travel Grants, attend one of the following SITG Info Sessions (both sessions will include the same content):

    • SITG Information Session
      Monday, November 28, 2022, 6:00 PM Central Time
      To be conducted remotely
      Join Zoom Meeting
      Meeting ID: 933 7494 0230
      Passcode: SITG23
    • SITG Information Session
      January 2023, Date/Time To Be Announced

    To look for and learn about language programs you can read program evaluations from previous FLAG recipients in our SITG Evaluations Database. Log in to access the evaluations database.

    Note for those applying to a country or region of elevated risk:
    You will need to schedule a travel advisory meeting to discuss the petition process for special approval to be eligible for funding. For additional details and for information on countries and regions of elevated risk, please consult the University’s Travel Advisory Policy. You are also required to submit an additional paragraph in your statement of purpose detailing why study abroad in this country is important to your research or language study.

    Eligible students are undergraduate students registered at the University of Chicago for the spring quarter before the summer they go abroad and will be registered the following autumn quarter. Students taking a leave of absence before or after the grant period should contact to discuss whether their case merits an exception to the spring- or autumn-quarter registration requirement.

    FLAG applicants have to have completed or tested out of the 103 level of the target language by the program start date.

    • To apply for a Summer International Travel Grant please complete the online application.
    • Note that you can only be awarded one Summer International Travel Grant in a given year.
    • One recommendation is required as a part of the online application. For a FLAG application this recommendation would ideally come from your language instructor or a faculty member with regional expertise. For research grants, the recommendation should be from a faculty member familiar with your research plans and with expertise in the proposed region or topic of research. You will be prompted to enter your recommender's name and email address in the online application.
    • Please note that the research grant application will ask you to submit a résumé, which you will want to have ready ahead of time.

    All applications must be submitted online by February 03, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

    All students will receive notification of the status of their application(s) via email by the beginning of Spring Quarter.

    To discuss the Summer International Travel Grant Program and the application process, please contact